A friend of mine and fellow Irish veteran recently came across the war time diary of Lance Corporal Alfred John Gibbons, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

The likelihood of a wartime diary over 100 years old ending up in Burlington, Ontario is slim, but the fact that it ended up in the hands of a former Irish soldier is remarkable. Like many Irish men and women, my colleague Eddie (who now lives in Canada) has strong family links with the disbanded Irish Regiments of the British Army and it was this interest that led to the diary being gifted to him.

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Royal Irish Fusiliers Band 1904

At the moment of writing I don’t have a lot of detail on Alfred Gibbons, but what I do know is that he served with the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Allahabad, North West Province, East India in 1893 and was a member of the Regimental Band. …

A friend of mine posted a note on Social Media earlier today and reminded me of our first time deployed overseas together — 28 years ago… I tidied it up a little, but most of the words are his.

28 years ago today , we lost Cpl Peter Ward, at Al-Jurn Checkpoint 6–10A in South Lebanon. Peter was part of an Irish Battalion Mobile Reserve and was responding to a request for help from A-Coy soldiers on duty at Al Jurn. Earlier that morning (05.30hrs) Fighters belonging to the Islamic Group Hezbollah had carried out a series of combined attacks on DFF compounds inside the Israeli Controlled Area of South Lebanon (ICA). …

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Image courtesy: https://marketingland.com/facebook-tests-new-way-to-connect-more-users-on-the-platform-246969

How does that phrase go? If you are not buying something then you are the product. Over the last ten years I don’t know how many times I had heard that statement in relation to Facebook, and to be honest, it wasn’t something I had given any real thought or consideration to, but that was before my account was disabled…

Like a lot of people I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the platform, sometimes there is too much noise, too much negativity, and content that really isn’t relevant to me and if I’m honest I’m not even sure I like the platform that much. …

At the turn of the 20th Century, Dublin was often referred to as the second city of the British Empire, private wealth, commercial success and developing industries all helped to shape this narrative, indeed some commentators at the time stated that Dublin was ‘a city famous for its charitable institutions and its charitable citizens’ however this narrative only applied to a small number of its citizens — often those linked with the British administration and institutions.

The 1916 Rising was not simply an attempt to overthrow British Rule in Ireland, it was also an attempt to create a more just and liberal society. Many of the Volunteers who fought in the Rising fought for the right to create that society, one that was inclusive, fair and not based on supporting the demands from an external state and ultimately the freedom to create its own destiny. …

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Lauri Allen Törni

The KFOR mission in Kosovo is a multinational effort with troops from contributing nations such as Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Czech Republic, the UK and Latvia to name but a few. In 2005, I served with Multi-National Brigade (Central) where I was attached to the Brigade Intelligence Cell in Prizren, Kosovo working closely with counterparts in the Finnish Armed Forces. …


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